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    Here's what we talk about with each speaker in our series (as broadcasted on June 1st 2021).


    Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times

    with Zoe Weil


    How to Make a Better World For Every Child

    with Keilly Swift


    Making Compassion a Daily Top Priority

    with Sara Schairer



    How Kids Can Support & Celebrate Planet Earth

    with Neal Layton


    Helping Kids Grow Their Minds & Be Global Citizens

    with Alice Harman


    Social Justice Parenting to Raise Justice-Minded Kids

    with Traci Baxley



    Being Socially & Politically Engaged with Kids

    Alexa Bigwarfe


    Mindful Parenting for Raising Good Humans

    with Hunter Clarke-Fields


    The Power of Imagination to Create a Future We Want

    with Rob Hopkins


    What's My Child

    with Dr Angharad Rudkin


    Celebrating Kid Activists & Champions of Change​

    with Robin Stevenson


    Helping Kids Understand & Protect Our Planet

    with Isabel Thomas


    Speakers in the Series

    Traci Baxley

    Professor, Consultant, Parenting Coach & Author of Social Justice Parenting​

    Alexa Bigwarfe

    Publishing partner, champion of women & Author of Lose The Cape series

    Hunter Clarke-Fields

    Founder of Mindful Mama Mentor & Author of Raising Good Humans

    Alice Harman

    Children's book Author & Editor making big ideas fun and easy to understand

    Rob Hopkins

    Founder of the Transition Movement & Author of From What Is to What If

    Neal Layton

    Award-winning children's book Author & Illustrator of over 80 titles in 16 languages

    Dr Angharad Rudkin

    Clinical Psychologist & Author of Find Your Girl Squad

    Sara Schairer

    Founder & Executive Director of Compassion It

    Robin Stevenson

    Award winning children's
    & teen book Author

    Keilly Swift

    Managing Editor at First News & children’s book Author

    Isabel Thomas

    Award-winning science Writer & children's book Author

    Zoe Weil

    Co-founder & President of the Institute for Humane Education

    Christina Reinards

    Series Host & Creator of
    Little Humane Books
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    Little Humane Books provides a children's book subscription for ages 3 to 11 to build reading skills & inspiration for a humane world.
    We created this series with some of our favourite authors so parents can be inspired by their stories!
    We cannot wait to share our books with you!


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